Can You Get Waxed On Your Period

Can You Get Waxed On Your Period. However mother nature doesn’t always like to be on time, and. Look we are all women here, its natural and that just it.

Should You Get a Bikini Wax When You Have Your Period? Brit + Co
Should You Get a Bikini Wax When You Have Your Period? Brit + Co from

We perform more than 150 lower body wax services each month. The procedure can cause sensitivity, so you must clean the area prior to the appointment. Can i get pregnant a day after my period.

During Your Period Your Skin Is At Its Most Sensitive.

Can you get a wax when you have your period. Despite all contrary arguments, if you are not comfortable with pubic hair during your period you can still find a way around the above period justifications. After eyebrow waxing, bikini and brazilian waxes are our most popular services.

So Here Is Our Guide To Having A Wax Whilst You’re Having Your Period.

Although, remember your skin is usually more sensitive during that time of the month. It can be a good idea to track your cycle so you know when to plan your waxes at least a week either side of your period. They can turn up unexpectedly and if youve got a wax booked we dont want you to have to cancel or reschedule.

Can I Have A Wax Whilst On A Period?

Can i have a wax whilst on a period? Your skin is not only more sensitive to pain on your period but can be dryer as may also want to consider opting for a bikini wax over a brazilian (but it is totally possible to get a brazillian on your period!) you know your body best so listen to it. First of all, our estheticians are thoroughly trained and experienced.

They Can Turn Up Unexpectedly And If You’ve Got A Wax Booked We Don’t Want You To Have To Cancel Or Reschedule.

If youre still down to get waxed, make sure you wear a tampon or reusable cup to your appointment. This can lead to redness and irritation afterward, making it a less optimal choice if you’re on your period. Can i get pregnant a day after my period.

This Is For A Number Of Reasons:

Hard wax works by attaching and hardening your skin. Getting waxed on your period. Yes, you can get waxed whilst youre having your period.

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