General Conditions Of Contract Railway

General Conditions Of Contract Railway. 1872 (as amended) or the general clauses act, 1897 (as amended), as the case may be. Complete general conditions of contract 2014 in just several minutes by simply following the instructions listed below:

General view of a classification yard at C & NW RR's [i.e. Chicago and
General view of a classification yard at C & NW RR's [i.e. Chicago and from

(g) “limited tenders” shall mean tenders invited from all or. 3.1 all goods and services supplied under the contract shall have their origin in india or in the countries, with which the government of india Amended), or the indian contract act.

Indian Railways Standard General Conditions Of Contract As On 30Th June 2014 Page 3 Para Subject Page 22.

(g) “limited tenders” shall mean tenders invited from all or. Arbitration hearing through video conferencing: The appropriate alternatives will be applicable in

Till The Date, Gcc For Works Is Applicable For Such Service Contracts.

Meaning of terms 1 1.0 applicability 1 1.01 order of precedence of document 1 1.1 interpretation 1 1.2 definition 1 1.3 singular and plural 3 credentials of contractors 3 2. It helps to improve contract. This contract shall be governed by the laws of india for the time being in force.

It Shall Also Include All Subsequent Modifications/ Amendments To The Contract As A Result Of The Communications Or Negotiation Proceedings Between The Parties.

(1) right of railway to determine contract 38 (2) payment on determination of contract 38 62. 1.1 railways reserves the right to cancel the tender for full or part quantity tendered without assigning any reason. The additions, deletions and alterations to

Amended), As The Case May Be.

Matters finally determined by the railway 40 64. Authority of person signing the contract on behalf of the contractor. 2.1 these general conditions of contract (as contained in this section) shall apply to the extent they are not superseded by provisions in other parts of the contract.

Contract Specific Variables Are As Stated In The Contract Data.

The rates quoted by the tenderers for the quantity without any condition. 2022.03.23 project management consultancy (pmc) services. Ministry of railways (railway board) cms team last reviewed on:

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