Horizon Forbidden West Salvage Contracts

Horizon Forbidden West Salvage Contracts. You will get one from killing the shellsnapper. There are a total of 17 contracts that you can complete spread between the 4 salvage.

Horizon Forbidden West All Quests Push Square
Horizon Forbidden West All Quests Push Square from

Horizon forbidden west trophy guide. I had this issue as well. There are 4 salvage contractor npcs in the forbidden west who will offer you contracts to complete.

Keruf's Salvage Unlimited Is A Salvage Contract In Horizon Forbidden West Found In Barren Light And Issued By Keruf.

Picked up automatically by talking to keruf and larend at the barren light salvage contractor, which. In horizon forbidden west, you will find 4 salvage contractors that offer a total of 17 salvage contracts. Handa will have 5 salvage contracts for you.

How To Complete The Lost Supplies Contract In Horizon Forbidden West.

You will get one from killing the shellsnapper. They are the most useful merchants in the game, because in order to craft certain ammo types you need rare crafting materials. To unlock one, you must locate the four npcs, although it is quite a long project, completing all contracts can give good rewards like the legendary armor oseram artificer.

I Had This Issue As Well.

We talked to handa to get her to entrust us with this series of contracts, which we help you to overcome one by one below. Talk to runda go to the bristleback site find runda's rations search the southern ruins with a bristleback search the northern ruins with a bristleback search the center ruins with a bristleback wait for the bristleback to pick up a scent gather the supplies return to runda #6 lost supplies To obtain this quest, speak with danur at salvage contractor:

He Is Far West On The Opposite Side Of The Map From Where You Start Your Journey.

Once you arrive at the objective, use your focus to spot. Arr_me_maytee 3 months ago #3. When you find the purple icon, point yourself toward the water and follow the waters edge to the left and the prompt should show up.

All Salvage Contracts Are Accompanied By A Datapoint That Outlines The Specifics Of The Task.

Learn which camp you can find each salvage contractor, the legendary armor reward and trophy for completing all salvage contracts, and all. The larend salvage contract is the first you have access to. A mysterious red blight is infecting the land and.

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