I Can Feel My Tampon But It Doesn't Hurt

I Can Feel My Tampon But It Doesn't Hurt. There are a few reasons this might be the case, the most common being that the tampon is simply too absorbent for your flow. Vaginal dryness, some women physically can't use tampons due to.

Using a Menstrual Cup with a Low Cervix Bliss Health Coaching
Using a Menstrual Cup with a Low Cervix Bliss Health Coaching from

Just like we all are built differently on the outside, we’re all different on the inside and a tampon may “fit” you a little differently. Eighth, grab the string of the tampon and gently start pulling. More like in a fist than an open hand.

I Know Where My Vagina Is, But It Just Plain Hurts To Put The Tampon In!

It could just be that you're being slightly rough with it or perhaps you're just a bit too dry for your tampon and perhaps it's created some friction or pressure inside your vagina that you still feel for a little while after inserting. There are theere possible reasons here: I can only speculate that it could be you are not used to inserting a tampon and/or you are using one that is too big.

There Are A Few Reasons This Might Be The Case, The Most Common Being That The Tampon Is Simply Too Absorbent For Your Flow.

My suggestion would be try going down a size, and see what health expert dr. Swelling in or around your vagina. Whether you’re new to using tampons, you have a pelvic floor condition, or you experience vaginal dryness, there’s many reasons why using a tampon could be uncomfortable, if not painful.

Whatever Is Causing Your Pain, You Can Do Something About It.

While it is very rare, wearing a tampon for too long is often pointed at as being the cause of the illness. Do you only feel it for a little after? It's much more likely that when you stress about it, you tense up, and it makes it much more difficult for the tampon to slide in!

There Are A Few Potential Reasons For This Pain, As Well As Several Things You Can Do To Lessen It.

Molly has to say about inserting tampons properly. If you are using regular size go down to the tiny/skinny ones. This is probably the most common of the tampon troubles i encounter.

It May Feel Uncomfortable, But It Should Not Be Extremely Painful.

In addition, it can make the problem worse. Most often, it is associated with vaginal tightness. It just hurts my feelings that he takes the victim card, when in reality i’m the one suffering.

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