What's The Difference Between Pending And Under Contract

What's The Difference Between Pending And Under Contract. The trickiest part about understanding the difference between sale pending and under contract is that the terminology and meaning tend to vary from region to region. When a homeowner chooses to accept an offer, they go into a contractual agreement with the buyers.


The difference between under contract and pending is fairly simple. They differ from pending homes where all the contract stipulations have been met, and the sale is imminent. For a home to be listed as pending, that means the home is under contract and there are no longer any contingencies on the sale.

Backup Offers Are Generally Accepted For Both Under Contract And Pending Homes.

Terms like “under contract” and “pending” tend to imply that the home is sold and off the market, but that actually isn’t the case. If a property is under contract, there is a chance. Sometimes we have people ask about properties they may be interested in but unfortunately, they are already under contract.

Contingent Means That The Given Home Is Under Contract, But There Are Still Conditions, Or Contingencies, That Need To Be Fulfilled Before The Sale Is Closed.

The buyer has made a formal offer and the seller has accepted. Under contract means that the property seller has a contract with a buyer tied to specific contingencies. Keep in mind that some real estate agents will use these terms interchangeably, which can be confusing for buyers.

A Pending Sale Is Further Down The Home Buying Timeline Than A Property That Is Under Contract.

During this period, the home is considered “under contract.”. This means that both parties have committed themselves to proceed with the transaction, and it will proceed once any contingencies are met or waived by either party. Once the owner has sold the property, he transfers the entire sale price to the lender.

If You See This Status, The Seller Has Accepted An Offer On Their Property And Won’t Be Staging, Showing, And Accepting New Offers To Give Way For The Buyer To Conduct Inspections.

Option pending is also known as under contract option pending. Sale pending means that the property is under contract, but there are no longer any contingencies. Bright`s “pending” status reflects an ad that is no longer accepted or actively marketed.

For Example, The Seller Of The Home Has Accepted The Offer From The Buyer, But The Deal Is Not Yet Closed.

Days on the dom and cdom market are not accumulated when a listing in bright is pending. When a homeowner chooses to accept an offer, they go into a contractual agreement with the buyers. While i discovered that i could make an offer on a.

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