Why Does My Pee Bleach My Underwear

Why Does My Pee Bleach My Underwear. Factors including estrogen levels, where you're at in your menstrual cycle, birth control, sexual activity, stress and even diet can all affect how often you produce discharge. The acid of discharge can discolor clothing, but it's important to keep in mind that that's a normal, healthy discharge for your.

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Dilute ¾ cup bleach in 1 quart water and add to the wash 5 minutes after the wash cycle has begun. It is a mixture of a couple of things really. It may be annoying to find yet another pair of knickers ruined because of.

It’s Healthy, And That’s Because Of The Kind Of Bacteria That Live There.

Vaginal discharge is extremely normal. When this urine dries on your skin or underwear, you might notice a lingering ammonia smell. “it’s the acidic nature of the discharge that creates these bleached spots on your knickers and so it’s more than ok, it’s a sign that your vagina is healthy!”.

Add ¾ Cup Bleach (Or Fill The Dispenser To The Max Fill Line If You Have A He Washer) Using The Washer’s Bleach Dispenser.

As worrying as this may sound, it. Vaginal discharge can bleach underwear, meaning it can fade or remove the dye from the fabric. The vagina is a wonderfully and gloriously made body part and among its many other superhuman qualities, it has the power to change the color of your underwear.

Simply Rinse Your Underwear In Cold Water, Add A Small Amount Of Peroxide To The Stained Area/S, And Then Machine Wash.

She can, however, confirm that the acidic nature of. Panty liners are the thinner version of sanitary pads used for minor discharge and spotting. This can lead to skin irritation or burns.

This Discharge Generally Increases When You Ovulate, As Well As During Pregnancy.

You can blame that “bleached” underwear on your vagina’s naturally acidic ph. A healthy vagina will produce a more acidic discharge of up to. Just remember that the vagina produces 4ml of discharge every day, and that’s a healthy amount.

Dr Stamatopoulos Also Said That If Your Discharge Is Slightly Acidic, It Could Potentially Change The Colour Of The Fabric On Your Underwear.

If washing consumes too much of your time, panty liners will serve as your immediate protection against underwear discoloration. When this discharge is exposed to air, it can cause a yellow or orange colour stain on your underwear due to oxidation. This usually happens in the toilet or when you are cleaning your pet’s cages.

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